About Nancy

Nancy Gordon knows first-hand what it is like to descend into the depths of disability. With her combined personal experience of fibromyalgia and a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI), and her professional experience as a licensed psychotherapist, Nancy offers a very unique clinical and personal perspective in her transformational system "7 Steps of Hope and Healing."™  

Nancy's mission is to assist others around the globe on the journey to healing and transforming their lives while living with the challenge of illness and disability. Her 7 Steps of Hope and Healing system offer hope and a clear formula for turning many of life's challenges into triumphs. 

Nancy is the author of two inspirational and transformational book series: 7 Steps of Hope and Healing. and Pink, The 3 Legged Dog. The first book in 7 Steps of Hope and Healing™, The Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Impact of Chronic Illness and Disability,  is a treasure map filled with in-depth explanations of how each step supports travelers on their journey of healing, as well as exercises that clarify, uplift, and guide the reader to gain not only insights, but also the “how-to” steps to make the changes that lead to life changing experiences and true transformation.

Nancy’s second inspirational book series, begins with Pink, The 3-Legged Dog Who Lost Her Leg and Found Her Courage (based on three-legged service dog, Pink, and her doggie mama, Toaster.)

 The book is beautifully illustrated by renowned San Diego, CA artist Michael LeBold. Pink, The 3-Legged Dog Who Lost Her Leg and Found Her Courage provides hope to children with a limb loss or other physical limitations.

Nancy specializes in group and individual coaching, and transformational retreats on many issues that fall under her area of expertise: transformational grief, chronic illness and disability, caregivers, self-love, self-esteem, relationships, depression and anxiety, among others.

Nancy is the founder of Paws for Comfort® and the non-profit  Xolos For Chronic Pain Relief™, (a result of her story, “Toaster” filmed by Animal Planet on her use of Xolos as the first identified service dog specifically for fibromyalgia. 

Nancy is an international speaker and a courageous warrior, whose life purpose is to champion others to live life fully, guiding them to transform their challenges into triumphs, with wit and wisdom.