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Healing Begins With Hope... And Hope Begins Here... 

* Does life feel like walking a tightrope between the acceptance of your limitations and the hope of recovery?

* Do you feel your health issues have changed your life in too many negative ways?

* Do you feel like your health issues have sucked the life out of you?

*Do you wish your life was full of purpose and meaning?

*Do you feel depressed, like a "Health Hostage"™?

* Do you long to feel more productive?

Learn how to escape from the Chronic Illness Thief™

Working with me will be transformative if:

* You feel that you've lost friends because your health challenges are too challenging for them.

* You've lost sight of your aspirations and goals, or they no longer seem possible.

* You feel unable to work and maintain a career or job that you love.

* Dealing with chronic illness is the major focus in your life.

* You have to work, and struggle to make it through the day.

* You can barely get out of bed sometimes.

I will help you to:

* Shift your focus from being a Health Hostage™ to living life fully and freely .

* Learn how to share your gifts with the world and reinvent yourself.

* Release blocks that steal your energy & confidence.

* Regain your balance and enjoy life again.

Testimony: “When I met Nancy I was ready for a change, but I never expected the transformation that took place. Using the workbook each week gave me the structure I needed not to feel overwhelmed, and the support to guide me towards the bigger transformations I wanted to make in how I lived my life. With each small change I accomplished through using the 7 Steps of Hope and Healing workbook, I found big changes beginning… and much quicker than I would have thought possible. I only wish I had met her sooner. I can’t say enough about how much better I am, for having met her and by participating in her program using this workbook! "
~Patty Carretta, Connecticut, USA

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with the personal experience of having been in the same trenches as you.  After freeing myself from the prison of disability, I successfully reinvented myself! And it feels SO good that I want to share how I did it with you. It IS possible!


As the founder of 7 Steps of Hope and Healing™, Paws For Comfort, and Xolos For Chronic Pain Relief (X-CPR),™ I have reclaimed my passion and career of service to inspire and guide others to transform their relationship with their health challenges and find HOPE again. I guide individuals to move beyond their illness and pain, just as I have done, through  using these 7 manageable steps.


I know what it’s like to be a hostage to my health. Let me share with you the process of how I transformed my life from being a Health Hostage™ to regaining my freedom- the freedom to return to my life purpose of helping others to heal emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Now that's a joyous freedom!


                                                                                     Become a courageous warrior and live life on YOUR terms.

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