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Healing Begins With Hope... And Hope Begins Here... 

* Do you find there's no time or energy for much else than focusing on your symptom management or the limitations of your experience?

* Do you feel your health issues have become a full time "job"? (which you never applied for?)

* Do you feel like your health issues have sucked the life out of you?

*Are you overwhelmed meeting the demands of LIFE while managing your condition?

*Do you feel depressed, anxious, and more like a "Health Hostage"?

* Do you feel your health challenges are "managing" you instead of you managing your life while living with challenges?

I am a professional therapist (Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Life Coach) with the personal experience of having been in the same trenches as you.  After freeing myself from the prison of disability, I successfully reinvented myself! And it feels SO good that I want to motivate and guide you through the 7 Step system which freed the "Health Hostage" I became and transformed me and my life.

It IS possible!

The 7 Steps of Hope and Healing System, is my “get out jail” card, which I developed to free myself from this “Chronic Illness Thief.”™ This system will lift the veil of experiencing your life through the lens of your condition. It will guide you through the process of how to get your life back to a new and greater “normal.”  It will empower you to transform your life. The 7 Steps of Hope and Healing are meant to help you create your future with HOPE as you HEAL on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels. This is the missing piece in the medical community. 

Learn how to escape from the Chronic Illness Thief™

Working with me will be transformative if:

* Your health challenges have significantly impacted your relationships because your health challenges are too challenging for them.

* You've lost sight of your aspirations and goals, or they no longer seem possible.

* You feel unable to work and maintain a career or job that you love.

* Dealing with chronic illness is the major focus in your life.

* You have to work and struggle to make it through the day.

* You have changed...your life has changed... you miss your "old" self.

I will help you to:

* Shift your focus from being a Health Hostage™ to living life fully and freely.

* Learn how to share your gifts with the world and reinvent yourself.

* Release blocks that steal your energy & confidence.

* Regain your balance and enjoy life again.

As the founder of 7 Steps of Hope and Healing™, Paws For Comfort, and Xolos For Chronic Pain Relief (X-CPR),™ I have reclaimed my passion and career of service to inspire and guide others to transform their  health challenges into triumphs and find HOPE again. I guide individuals to move beyond their illness and pain, just as I have done, through using these 7 powerful steps.

I know what it’s like to be a hostage to my health. Let me share with you the process of how I transformed my life from being a Health Hostage™ to regaining my freedom- the freedom to return to my life purpose of helping others to heal emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Now that's a joyous freedom!

     Become a courageous warrior~ 

Live life on YOUR terms.


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