Watch the famous Animal Planet Documentary on Nancy and Toaster

Nancy, Toaster, and Pink have been featured in a variety of media coverage, from TV to radio to books and magazines. You can even watch Pink being born on Animal Planet in 2002!

It’s a powerful story about Nancy’s use of a rare breed dog, Xoloitzcuintli, marking this breed as the first identified service dog to relieve fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions.

When the Universe Conspires, It's a Blessed Day!

Meeting Betty White: Pink is not only famous for her debut in the Animal Planet documentary, but she met and impressed Betty White. Pink is an amazing retriever (middle name is Golden :-)   I handed Pink my folder of marketing materials to bring to Betty, not realizing I handed it to her upside down, so everything spilled out on the way to Betty. The good thing is Betty White was still impressed! 

Click for the full heartwarming story of how Pink stole Betty’s heart but wouldn’t let Betty steal her from her mama!  

Video Interviews

Dr. Emmett Miller interview on his radio program, "Conversations With Extraordinary People."

Dr. Miller is one of the founding fathers in the Mind/Body/Spirit holistic healing medical field. I’m so honored to be interviewed by one of the greatest healers of our time.

In this interview, Dr. Miller and I have a conversation about my journey through chronic illness and disability as a result of the unrelentless pain of fibromyalgia, and why I traded my 24/7 microwave neck wrap for a 24/7 NO microwave HOT dog: a live, rare breed dog, known as the Mexican Hairless (Xolotizcuintli/Xolo).

You will be, as Dr. Miller was, fascinated with how Toaster and Pink became an amazing alternative to pain medications and microwave neck wraps, taking me by the leash down a path of transformation that led not only to physical pain relief, but to the 7 Powerful Practices to Manage Your Mind and Heal Your Heart that became my treasure map to healing the emotional, mental and spiritual impact of chronic illness and disability.

Legacy Therapy Podcast: Planning for Pet Owner Death and Pet Loss/Grief

In this episode, Nancy and Stacey discuss the love and bond that can exist between pets and their owners and how to navigate their grief when they experience the loss of their human owner. This opens the conversation up to what happens to our beloved pets after we pass away and leaving them with a plan in place that ensures their well-being. 

Nancy shares the amazing history of her Mexican Hairless dogs named Toaster and Pink.  Mexican Hairless dogs whose breed name is Xoloitzcuintl,  are hairless dogs with a history of relieving muscle and joint pain dating back 3500 years ago in Ancient Aztec culture, where they were used as “bed warmers for arthritis like symptoms”.  Toaster and Pink, both trained as service dogs, assisted  Nancy in relieving her chronic pain from fibromyalgia by acting as a 24/7 NO microwave HOT dog heating pad!

There is a bonus module in the Emergency Info File Course at designated to pets and what will become of them when you are no longer able to care for them.

Faces of Resilience

Having to face many losses in life, Nancy Gordon made a decision to turn her Loss into Love and Grief to Growth and is widely known as the Grief to Growth Coach!


Scattering Hope “Healing After Loss Summit”

Nancy talks about the journey of grief, and shares specific tips. presents: 6th annual 3rd World Parliament Global Summit on Spirituality

Nancy spoke to 6 Continents, 200 Nations, 7.5 billion people about one of her favorite of the 7 Powerful Practices: Surrender…Without Giving Up. 

Audio Interviews

Power Half Hour Radio interview on the importance and power of Hope and Healing using Nancy’s 7 Powerful Practices 

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