7 Steps of Hope and Healing Training/Credentialing and Licensing Program

This training/credentialing/licensing program is an integrated approach combining your personal experience of the steps within the context of professional training. There are 7 steps which are the soul of my business. This professional training/credentialing/licensing program is designed to create global brand ambassadors of Nancy Gordon, LCSW’s intellectual property, known as 7 Steps of Hope and Healing. This particular 7 Steps of Hope and Healing training program is specific to understanding and assisting clients with fibromyalgia and other chronic illnesses/disabilities through the use of the book, 7 Steps of Hope and Healing Transforming The Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Impact of Chronic Illness and Disability.©

This program addresses personal experience and professional training, using the tools, techniques, and exercises applied in 7 steps for clients, with health conditions.

These exercises can be modified to reflect case specific issues. 7 Steps of Hope and Healing is appropriate with individual and group clients.

The effectiveness of this training program relies on the 7 steps, their explanation, their application, how the steps build upon and relate to each other, how to model them, and how you guide and teach your clients to apply them to transform their lives.

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Healing Begins With Hope... And Hope Begins Here.

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