Groups are very powerful forums to foster a sense of community and support, as you learn and grow from sharing your experiences with each other. Through her own discovery of 7 steps that freed her from being a "health hostage" Nancy became an expert guide for transformative healing.

 Through the 7 Steps in her practical and powerful workbook called 7 Steps of Hope and Healing The Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Impact of Chronic Illness and Disability, Nancy's mission is to help you transform life's lemons into lemonade.

Sharing her own transformational journey with and through her two Xolo service dogs, Pink and Toaster, she demonstrates how discovering the 7 Steps of Hope and Healing can help you traverse your journey, arming the courageous warrior within you with the tools to transforming your challenges into triumphs.

In this group program, we explore deeply the book, "7 Steps of Hope and Healing Transforming the Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Impact of Chronic Illness and Disability."  Through this book, Nancy shares her journey with Toaster and Pink of discovering the 7 Steps of Hope with wisdom and humor, inspiring and guiding you to transform your challenges into triumphs and  begin your own journey with renewed hope and a community to support you. For more information click here

 Please contact Nancy at 8584725722 or [email protected]