In this group program, we explore deeply the workbook, "7 Steps of Hope and Healing Transforming the Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Impact of Chronic Illness and Disability."  Through this workbook, Nancy shares her journey with Toaster and Pink of discovering the 7 Steps of Hope with wisdom and humor, inspiring and guiding you to transform your challenges into triumphs and  begin your own journey with renewed hope and a community to support you. For more information click here

Online group live video session each week.

This online group program uses exercises in the workbook, working on each of the 7 steps for 4 weeks per step. Facilitated through an online portal with a member's only access and the ability to communicate with other members, sharing each other's questions, answers, trials and tribulations all of which leads to SUCCESS in changing your experience of chronic illness and disability.

 Please contact Nancy at 8584725722 or [email protected]