Speaking With Nancy: Wit and Wisdom, Hope and Healing

Nancy Gordon, LCSW is an international speaker and published author of two book series, 7 STEPS OF HOPE and HEALING™ and Pink, The 3 Legged Dog™.  

Inspiring hope, through combining her personal experience of disability from fibromyalgia and a mild traumatic brain injury with her professional experience as a psychotherapist (LCSW), Nancy offers a model of transforming challenges into triumphs, with both wisdom and wit.

Hire Nancy for customized presentations as well as these topics:

  • Are you a “Health Hostage” Kidnapped By “The Chronic Illness Thief?”

  • Navigating Through Grief: Good Grief…Grief is Good!
  • Self-love, the Path to Everything
  • See the Glass Half Full and Be Grateful
  • The Secret to Aging: Reinventing Yourself
  • Play in the Balance and Balance in the Play
  • Self- Care Simplifies Your Life
  • Care for Caregivers
  • Surrendering…Without Giving Up
  • Never Giving Up, You CAN Do It!
  • On “Just Doing It Differently”
  • 7 Steps of Hope and Healing for Chronic Illness and Disabilities
  • 7 Steps of Hope and Healing for Addictions
  • 7 Steps of Hope and Healing for Caregivers
  • 7 Steps of Hope and Healing for Your Soul

Nancy delivers these experiential, practical, transformational, and inspirational presentations in these venues:

    • 20-minute presentations

    • One to Two-hour workshops

    • Half Day/Full Day trainings

    • Weekend transformational retreats

    • Theme Cruises

    • Readings and Lessons based on Pink, The 3 Legged Dog inspirational children's book series to children in schools, hospitals, special needs organizations, and fundraisers.

    Contact Nancy for details.