Nancy Gordon, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Life Coach is a #1 International best-selling author, consultant, speaker and a life-changing expert who knows firsthand what it is like to deal with serious loss and grief. After an almost life ending car crash, it was Nancy’s personal experiences of going from hurting to healing that led to her dedicating her life to helping others do the same. She has become a highly sought out therapist and coach for helping people overcome losses of every kind.


Combining her personal experience with fibromyalgia and a mild traumatic brain injury with her professional therapist skills, Nancy offers a unique perspective in her transformational methodology “From Hurting to Healing: 7 Powerful Practices to Manage Your Mind and Heal Your Heart”™  This methodology teaches you how to lift the veil of experiencing your life through the lens of any challenging condition or loss.


Her special passion is to help pet owners navigate the gut-wrenching journey of pet loss and healing the heartbreaking grief that follows.


Inspiring hope and healing with wit and wisdom, Nancy has been featured in many forms of media, such as ABC, CBS, radio interviews, magazines, to name just a few. Nancy is especially well known for her uplifting journey with her Mexican Hairless service dog documented by Discovery Channel’s series “Animal Planet” Episode Toaster.