Within each of us is our "Divine Greatness". It is that unique spark within us that connects us to "all that is," and most importantly, to what we have to offer the world. Our greatness is manifested most deeply by the way in which we live our lives. When we unlock our divine greatness...when we free it... we free ourselves to become who we were meant to be.
  ©2017, ©2014 Nancy Gordon, excerpt from 7 Steps of Hope and Healing workbook

In the years following my car accident, I struggled with the shattering impact that fibromyalgia and a mild traumatic brain injury imposed on every aspect of my life. I felt like I was imprisoned in my body, which I dubbed being a "Health Hostage."™ I lost years of living out my "Divine Greatness" because I felt imprisoned and consumed by the physical symptom management required just to get through the day.

With great tenacity, I finally freed myself from looking at my life through the lens of my condition and have been en route to my greatness and fulfilling my life purpose ever since. All of this has been possible because I finally discovered my "get out of jail" card!  And I'm passing it on to you through the 7 Steps of Hope and Healing™ workbook: a labor of love which emerged from within me as I rose up, like a phoenix out of the ashes of disability, to free the Health Hostage™ I had become.

Our illnesses and disabilities often appear to be nothing more than terribly unfair and heartbreaking conditions with which we seem forced to live. We feel imprisoned against our will.

I think this is how a butterfly must feel when he suddenly wakes up inside his cocoon. It's a messy transition to go through the metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a butterfly. What is really powerful to realize is that you can't have one without the other:

The caterpillar's divine greatness is to transform into a butterfly.
The butterfly cannot become a butterfly without first being a caterpillar.

And so it seems, struggle is inherent in everyone's path to unfolding their greatness. When the butterfly pushes against the inside of the cocoon (his prison) with his wings, he frees himself and flies off. If we shift our perspective, the obstacles that seem like cocoons to us are actually opportunities for us to become a butterfly! This is your warrior challenge with chronic illness or a disability...to trust and to keep pushing towards your metamorphosis.

Much like the butterfly unfolds its' wings to finally fly away, finding your divine greatness is an unfolding awareness of your ability to fly. But before you're ready to fly, you must press your wings against the cocoon to release yourself from it. The most important thing about breaking free from the confines of your condition is to keep moving forward...no matter how slow you need to go, to never give up...no matter how painful and gut wrenching it becomes, to keep your heart and mind open…so you can be the beautiful butterfly you truly are.