It All Began With…

"My Mexican Hairless service dogs, who chased away the "Chronic Illness Thief"™ and freed the "Health Hostage"™ within me."

As any person with chronic pain knows, the search for relief can be as unending and discouraging as the pain itself.

As a result of a car accident, my sudden descent into the depths of disability was a devastating turn in the road that I never expected to happen to me. It was not my intended path. I did not sign up for the pain and depression tour. I had been destined for greatness, or so I had believed. But in an instant, when the metal of our two cars collided, my path was forever changed.

Raised by the influences of my parents, who were both positive thinkers, I found myself extremely frustrated with the side effects of medications, and traditional doctors did not seem to have any other answers for me. It was hard to be positive when I was not getting better.

I began to search beyond allopathic medications for natural ways of healing. My pain management required me to depend on a microwaveable neck wrap almost 24/7. When I stumbled upon a rare breed of dog, the Xoloitzcuintli (Shoo-low-eats-quint-lee, commonly known as Mexican Hairless or Xolo), I knew I had found my answer to natural pain relief. What I did not know were all the amazing ways my Xolos would become my healers far beyond my physical pain and how they would transform my life.

When I first discovered Xolos (Sho-lohz), I was amazed to experience firsthand the intuitive and healing powers the ancient Aztecs ascribed to them. Xolos are an ancient, rare breed of dog going back more than 3,500 years in history. They are born either hairless or coated, hairlessness being a recessive gene. Due to their lack of hair, their body heat is easily felt when pressed against your skin, thus serving as living heating pads for sufferers of chronic muscle and joint pain, which respond to heat therapy. 

I call them my 24/7 no microwave HOT DOGS! They are highly intelligent and intuitive and seem to know where a person's pain is. The first time I experienced the magic of a Xolo's pain relief abilities, I immediately decided to get one of these live, toy HOT dogs, put her around my neck, and call her Toaster! My beloved Toaster is a velvety, short-coated Xolo, with a warm, hairless belly that is similar to the temperature of a mild heating pad. Pink, Toaster's daughter, is a hairless Xolo (with pink skin, hence her name). Her body heat is similar to a moderate to high heating pad temperature. They have brought me immense comfort from my pain, and, as you will learn, these little 24/7 HOT dogs took me by the leash down a path to these "7 Powerful Practices to Manage Your Mind and Heal Your Heart" the amazing  Steps of Hope and Healing which will provide you with that "get out of jail" card to get your life back!