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Testimonials and Praise


"I feel compassion is one of the most important things along with support, because it’s a scary journey to open up to someone and basically cry your heart and soul out when you have no idea what’s going on.  It really gets into the depths of grief and the reality of what you will experience, but it’s said in a gentle way. We aren’t educated on grief/loss then when it happens, we have to find our way the best we know. I wish someone would have told me loss would trigger unhealed grief/issues and that it’s valid to have grief for certain situations, pets, jobs, ect. Grief is a life changing experience and we aren’t meant to suffer. We have to continue to live and find joy. When you mentioned experiencing joy was just as important as healing, that was a HUGE eye opener to me. That’s when I really started changing my views on grief and started living again." 
Stacie Dorado, pet loss client. Dec 14 2021


Date: August13,2021at7:11PM To: nancygordon7practices@gmail.com "My short session with Nancy was very impactful. She helped me navigate the factors that was blocking my grieving process. She helped me understand my own personal grief with my baby Nalla apart from knowing what grief looks like in general. Pet grief is totally different and minimized by a lot of people. Its an uncharted territory and Nancy is a blessing for all pet parents when it comes to navigating pet loss. Thank you Nancy"
Grechell S

"Movies With Nancy was not only fun watching a movie together, but also uplifting and very supportive. I learned from others sharing their experiences of dealing with grief and, more importantly, from Nancy's skilled coaching, and from her sharing her own experiences, and her insights into the grieving processes. Having access to group support from my home, and having the benefit of learning from Nancy, no matter where she is in the world, is most valuable. Thank you Nancy so much!!
Kathy Southwick

"Movies with Nancy was such a great experience. I was surprised that dealing with heavy subject like grief that I could leave
the experience feeling uplifted. The movie "Angel Dog" was very heartwarming and helped us in the discussion to talk about our individual grief. I learned about myself and my grief by listening to other people talk about their grief, and it was just a very positive experience. Thank you, Nancy."
Jean Myles

"I am pleased to give you this feedback as you are delivering a very important message and role out into the world. The world will now be a better place because of your contribution and I am sure there are many grateful people who have already had the privilege to work with you and to learn from you. In gratitude. God bless you Nancy."
Robyn Sinclair

“I would like to commend Nancy for her recent presentation at our El Cajon Optimist Club. Her fluid presentation was flawless, and so inspiring. The "icing on the cake" was when she introduced "Pink" her wonderful dog. The topic was relevant to me, as I have gone through some of the same issues Nancy has dealing with chronic pain. Nancy has foundher "calling" and her talks come from the heart. "Thank You" Nancy and our club wishes you the best!” 
Kristina Valentino, Secretary, El Cajon Optimist Club

“Nancy's presentation on living with chronic pain was informative, engaging and inspirational. The icing on the cake was the presence of her little healing dog, Pink.”
Francine Poirier, El Cajon Optimist Club