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My new book I Miss You Already is on PRE-SALE on Amazon, with a Facebook group as its companion!

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I Miss You Already: Bearing The Unbearable Loss of Your Pet

I Miss You Already: Bearing the Unbearable Loss of Your Pet, Kindle Edition

by Nancy Gordon (Author)  Format: Kindle Edition

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Have you gone through the grueling experience of watching your beloved pet enter the pre-boarding flight over the Rainbow Bridge? You cry out to cancel their flight. You are desperate to stop them from boarding… you try everything imaginable… but to your horror, you finally realize you cannot. control. death. You are facing what feels like the most unbearable loss, and the grief that follows loss actually begins here… before your beloved pet is gone.

Many people experience what is referred to as “anticipatory” grief, a very important pre-cursor for how one experiences the stages after the loss. Before we even experience the actual death of our beloved pet, we may also be in the shock and angst of seeing it “coming around the corner.” We naturally start grieving before they’re even gone.

This book provides a unique, transformational methodology that directly provides solutions to the plethora of pain points we struggle with. Grief is not well understood, valued, supported, or healed—especially related to pet loss. Many people don’t know how to deal with their grief or that of others.

Healing grief isn’t just getting past it or getting over it. Healing our grief is about the journey of using this heartbreaking loss to transform ourselves. We cannot only “get past” our grief, but we can transform loss into love... and that changes you forever. This transformation changes how you love again in both pet and human relationships and as importantly, in relationship to your SELF.
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Pink The 3-Legged Dog Who Lost Her Leg and Found Her Courage
SKU: 978-0-9908261-1-8

Pink, The 3-Legged Dog Who Lost Her Leg and Found Her Courage, is an inspirational and true story of how to "just do it differently". It is a story that touches your heart and inspires your soul no matter what your age is.

Although Pink, for 14 years, was Nancy's 24/7 no microwave HOT service dog, Pink became disabled herself at the age of one. 

This book is the amazing true story of Pink's leg injury which resulted in her back leg amputation. 

Pink was so courageous in dealing with her own disability, she modeled and mentored Nancy to transform her own chronic illness/disability, teaching Nancy to have hope, to never give up, and to learn how to "just do it differently". 

This book offers that same hope and inspiration to anyone with a challenge. 

Especially helpful for Wounded Warriors and any parent with an unexpected disability to read to their children

~Beautiful original watercolor illustrations by Michael LeBold.

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