In this unique documentary, Animal Planet tells the story about an ancient rare breed of dog, the Xoloitzcuintli, whose history of healing humans over 3500 years ago in the Ancient Aztec culture.  You will see how my service dog, Toaster, took me by the leash down a path of healing and transformation beyond my imagination. You'll be wide-eyed as you watch her four puppies being born, including Toaster's hairless female La Rosita (Pink), who also became my service dog, and one of her puppies, Senor Jefe, being placed with a woman with fibromyalgia and migraines to be her service dog, just like Toaster. The very last scene with Senor Jefe is priceless! Don't miss it!

Receiving hundreds of emails asking for help finding a little "Toaster" of their own, Nancy founded Xolos For Chronic Pain Relief (X-CPR) a non-profit for using the healing powers of the Xolos to relieve chronic pain...and more!