Testimonials for
7 Steps of Hope and Healing Program

“I am a two-time cancer survivor and while I’m grateful to be a survivor, the world doesn’t understand the damage that chemotherapy can cause, which throws a person into a world of disability that you didn’t see coming. What’s worse, it’s an “invisible disability” that people can’t see so they assume that it’s not there. Nancy helped me to navigate through this difficult “new reality” with an understanding that I haven’t been able to find in the 13 years since my cancer treatment. I only wish I had met her sooner. I can’t say enough about how much better I am, for having met her and by participating in her program using the workbook!" 
~ Patricia Carretta

"Nancy Gordon's 7 Steps to Hope & Healing Coaching program has provided me with the one on one support that I truly need to reinvent my life as I manage recovery from chronic back pain. Nancy's ability to deeply listen and help me discover and redefine my life purpose and handle anything that comes my way, even when I experience setbacks, has been an incredible blessing to me. I feel encouraged, inspired and energized and I highly recommend her coaching program to anyone!"  ~ Christiana Donovan

“After 30 years in private practice treating injured and chronically ill patients, I can see how this book offers easy to understand steps that can bring hope to many. Physicians who struggle with ways to assist this population will gain new insight and finally have something to offer.” 
Dr. Minga Guerrero,  Kaiser Hospital Medical Director

"This book draws on multiple accessible, proven and risk-free tools to help patients heal. It empowers patients without "talking down" to them. I advise it to anyone with a chronic condition or illness" 
~ Heidi Meyer M.D., Kaiser Hospital, San Diego, CA

"With care and love, Nancy gently and generously draws in the reader, coaching and encouraging others to learn from her experiences and expertise" 
Hedy Dalin, LCSW

"I want to say thank you for your magnificent book. It is very clear and easy to read.  Because of your experiences with many of the issues in the book it made it easier and clearer to relate to. The yoga exercises were very helpful, having fibromyalgia myself and some other health issues. This book has become my Bible to refer to.  I am still completing the workbook and learning along the way. The beautiful dogs Pink and Toaster are a very important part of the healing process.  As an animal lover myself, I can fully appreciate their company and heat treatment. My husband has recently suffered a bereavement and has also found the relevant chapters extremely useful. It so easy to refer to. Thank you once again.“ 
Susie McGuinness and Eamon McGuinness, England

"As a psychotherapist in private practice, I see this book as having great potential for clients who suffer from not only chronic physical illness but psychological disorders. It's a beautiful map for identifying the path of self-acceptance, inner awareness, and how to manifest your best self."
~ Rhonda Mason, LCSW

“When I met Nancy I was ready for a change, but I never expected the transformation that took place. Each week she helped me to see that I could make little changes in my everyday life to take care of myself and face situations with a more positive approach. Using the workbook each week gave me the structure I needed not to feel overwhelmed, and the support to guide me towards the bigger transformations I wanted to make in how I lived my life. With each small change I accomplished through using the 7 Steps of Hope and Healing workbook, I found big changes beginning… and much quicker than I would have thought possible. Where there was little hope of support, I learned that I could ask for help. Where my energy was low, I could find new ways to work through my day by learning to “just do it differently.”Where there were times of feeling overwhelmed, Nancy showed me perspective and how to work through those challenges."
~ Patricia Carretta

"It brings tears to my eyes to say that, next to my spiritual teachers, Nancy Gordon has been the most influential person in my life!   I discovered Nancy at a time in my life when I was feeling depressed and disconnected from the world and people in my life.  Nancy's group therapy sessions and retreats allowed me to feel safe and fully supported, while I learned ways to work through personal issues and connect emotionally and spiritually with myself and others. I have been to several of Nancy's transformational retreats, and have always found them to be life-changing. The most recent workshop I attended was Nancy's workshop regarding how to better deal with chronic pain.  Since Nancy has dealt with her own chronic pain issues for years, I felt that she was truly able to relate to our pain issues. She offered practical tools for making it easier to cope with every-day living on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels. I learned that people are willing to help and that I simply need to allow and accept the help... Thank you, Nancy, more than words can say, for your devotion to helping others.  I have been truly blessed!"
~ Kathy Southwick

"I participated in a workshop led by Nancy Gordon, LCSW called The Greatness in YOU: How to Thrive in Spite of Chronic Illness in 10 steps.  As a fellow Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and personally as a participant, I can attest to the benefits of her workshop. Nancy is a dynamic group facilitator who has developed wonderful techniques and steps to assist her clients in self-exploration and resolution of issues of chronic illness and pain. She skillfully guides her clients in group and individual settings to connect with their best selves and to bring them to a higher level of functioning than before." 
~Rhonda Mason, LCSW

"Nancy Gordon was the co-facilitator for a workshop we led together to help people manage chronic pain. Nancy put together a very informative and easy to follow program to help people identify issues around chronic pain and the tools they can use to manage their conditions and still lead happy, productive and joy-filled lives. I was really impressed with her knowledge and professionalism in presenting the material.  She is an educated, intelligent, and compassionate leader and those who attended the group were very pleased with and grateful for the techniques they learned to help in dealing with chronic pain." 
Christiana, Yoga Teacher

"Thank you for our Skype video consultation. It was helpful and insightful to speak to you about my coaching business. You understood my needs, frustrations, and limitations and made helpful and practical suggestions on how to make progress to work through these, which will help me to get to the other side of ease, flow and delight. I felt supported by you and very comfortable speaking with you. Thanks so much. I appreciate your help and support recently, Nancy." 
Robyn Sinclair,

"I participated in a weekly therapy group run by Nancy for a period of three years until she "graduated" me.  That was about twenty years ago and a week doesn't go by that I don't find myself reflecting on a lesson learned from her.  She is completely focused on what each person needs, and provides the guidance for each to grow in the way most important to them.  She's thoughtful, compassionate, and wise, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone."
~ Valerie

"Hi Nancy, I'll have the transcription emailed to you tomorrow. One more proof-read and then I'll email as a WORD doc. I can make any edits you need. I loved, loved, loved your conference. You make people laugh and at the same time, you can "make" them look inward.  Very difficult to do, especially men for some reason. I learned so much that I'm now putting into my day-to-day life."
~ Cindey McGuire, Transcriptionist for 7 Steps of Hope and Healing Workshop, Portland, Oregon

Testimonials for
"Pink, The 3-Legged Dog" 

“Learning to do things differently is Pink’s motto while living with a sudden disability. Children facing adversity need to understand the emotions, trials and challenges of one facing hardship. Pink is a fine example of expressing a positive attitude and learning to achieve goals despite physical limitations.  There are few children’s books that address this topic in such a gentle and encouraging way.”
~ Anne Diener, Owner of Yellow Book Road, 
San Diego’s only Children’s Only Bookstore

“A powerful true story about how an inspiring dog named Pink uniquely teaches children how to deal with challenges and disabilities in a very positive way. Children love Pink and easily engage in her journey. Parents with a special needs child find reading this book to their child a powerful vehicle for discussion that leads to healing and self-esteem building. Both the colorful, realistic illustrations and an excellent, original cd provide a fun way to engage both the parents, teachers, and children in learning and healing.“ 
LaMerle Mouton, Children’s Librarian, San Diego, CA 

“Watching Pink play helped me realize that if such a small dog could overcome challenges, then I could too.”
~ Ashley  Holmes (age 12)

“Pink's story was awesome because she’s just like my dad.”
Chase Holmes (age9)

“As an amputee, Pink’s story offered a unique way for me to talk to my children about some of the challenges I face.”
~ Ben Holmes ( age 37)

"This is a wonderful story about a courageous and inspiring dog. Pink has a terrible tragedy that she turns into an empowering experience. I would love to read this to my first-grade students. I believe they would fall in love with Pink, and be so touched by her tragedy and her braver to not give up when challenged to do things differently. I could guide them in truly understanding hope, determination, imagination, and fearlessness in problem-solving. With beautiful illustrations, a must read for all children."
~ K
athy Ryan, NBCT Educator, San Diego City Schools