More important than what you tell others is what you tell yourself. Thoughts are powerful. Words are the tools through which our thoughts bring us to one state of emotional experience or another. Positive thoughts yield positive emotions. Negative thoughts yield negative emotions. What are you whispering in your own ears...?

The image here is one of the scenes in the children's book, Pink, The 3 Legged Dog Who Lost Her Leg and Found Her Courage. It captures the thoughts Pink is thinking about losing her leg and catastrophizing what negative impact it will have on her- like not being able to run on the beach with Toaster. And yet, in the story, she learns about the power of her thoughts and hears, for the first time, what she really tells herself. As long as she told herself she couldn't, she couldn't. And the resultant emotion was sadness and tears.

Pink learns to change them, as she hears this message from her mama Nancy, "you can do this, I believe in you,"  These words become echoes from which she began her own mantra.

Listen carefully with new ears and hear what you are really telling yourself when you don't "feel well". Then change what you whisper in your own ear to be a positive message to yourself.

(If you want to read more about how Pink learned to whisper sweet somethings in her own ear, please check out her book at