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Healing Begins With Hope... And Hope Begins Here.

Welcome to Nancy Gordon Global
Where Loss is Transformed into Love and Grief Into Growth
       Through Hope and Healing with Wit and Wisdom

My new book I Miss You Already is on PRE-SALE on Amazon, with a Facebook group as its companion!
Alone in your grief? Surrounded by people who don't "get it" and expect you to "just get over it and move on".

I know how unbearable not only facing your pet loss, but also how unbearable it is to feel alone in this.

I am passionate about sharing my methodology of 7 Powerful Practices to Manage Your Mind and Heal Your Heart™ to move beyond grief from "just getting over it" to transforming yourself through healing grief.

Groups are the most powerful vehicles of support, healing, and transformation for grief and loss.

You can join my free Facbook support group for pet parents FACING loss:
You can join my free Facbook support group for pet parents healing grief AFTER loss:

I offer several types of fee based groups and courses for pet parents:
-Those who need grief support in facing pet loss in and experiencing anticipatory grief, planning a "lift up" instead of "put down" their pet and also healing the grief that follows. 
-Those who have already lost their pet and want to heal their grief.

I also offer individual coaching on anything related to loss and grief.