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Navigating the Journey to the Rainbow Bridge

Navigating the Journey to the Rainbow Bridge
Mar 21, 2022 by Nancy M Gordon
As Featured on Healthy Pets with Dr. Karen Becker

  • Anticipatory grief is a natural human response when you know that loss is on the horizon, whether that's years or moments away.
  • Practicing 2-Sided Surrender is using grief in a way that positively transforms you and uplifts your pet at the same time.
  • Unless you face impending loss, you will not be able to minimize the trauma for yourself or your pet; you will not be able to truly uplift your pet because you are not truly, fully present if you are not facing your grief and moving through it with them.
  • You can either heal and grow through surrendering to what is and letting go, or keep your grief locked in your heart and miss those last precious moments being present with your pet before they part.