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Nancy M Gordon

Nancy holds dear a mission to make a difference in how the world perceives, understands, experiences, supports, and heals loss and grief.

Nancy Gordon is a #1 international best-selling author, speaker and a transformational life- changing expert who knows firsthand what it is like to deal with serious loss and grief.

After a life changing car crash, it was Nancy’s personal experiences of going from hurting to healing, transforming her loss into love and grief into growth, that led to her dedicating her life to helping others do the same.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Life Coach, Nancy has combined her personal experience of fibromyalgia, a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI), human and pet loss with her professional expertise and offers a very unique clinical and personal perspective on navigating loss and grief. Nancy specializes in both human and pet loss.

Within the heart of all her work, lies Nancy's transformational methodology, 7 Powerful Practices to Manage Your Mind and Heal Your Heart TM. 

Inspiring hope and healing with wit and wisdom, Nancy’s varied media presence includes TV, radio/podcast interviews, summits, magazines, and books. 



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