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What IS Grief and 7 Practices to Navigate It

As a Loss and Transformational Grief Specialist, I know from both personal and professional loss just how to navigate the heart- breaking journey. Do you want to learn how to become positively transformed by it? I know how to lead you beyond “just getting over it”. 

Do you know it’s possible to go from hurting to healing in 7 Powerful Practices to Manage Your Mind and Heal Your Heart”™... I know it is because I've been in those same trenches... I get it... and I got out... using just 7 powerful practices!

MINDING the HEART through the 7 Powerful Practices  monthly group membership

Groups are powerful vehicles for personal growth and transformation. Set yourself up for success by being part of a community through small groups working closely together, facilitated by Nancy. Minding the Heart group membership program is based on learning and practicing a new methodology created by Nancy to go “From Hurting to Healing: 7 Powerful Practices to Manage Your Mind and Heal Your Heart”.  

Movies with Nancy to Manage Your Mind and Heal Your Heart

I'd love to invite you to join us at "Movies with Nancy to Manage Your Mind and Heal Your Heart."  Click the button below to read more about Movies with Nancy without registering, but you MUST CLICK the register link on that page to get the zoom link; that protects us from just anyone crashing the party.

Through her own journey, Nancy found powerful tools to transform the emotional, mental and spiritual impacts of chronic illness and disability, from which she (with the help of her Xolo service dogs, Toaster and Pink) created the 7 Powerful Practices to Manage Your Mind and Heal Your Heart”™ methodology, a treasure map to help you navigate many of life's challenges, and ultimately leads you to living a life in which loss is transformed into love and grief into growth. That's priceless.

And the best part? These 7 Powerful Practices are the fundamental keys that can be applied to any of life's challenges!

Compassionate and Transformational Services for both Human and Pet Loss

Unhealed grief is a lock on the door of your heart. Nancy has dedicated her life to teaching others how to transform their challenges into triumphs and their grief into personal growth through her “7 Powerful Practices to Manage Your Mind and Heal Your Heart.”™  

Her personal journey of losses and triumphs combined with her professional experience as an LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) and Certified Life Coach provides a unique, effective, and transformative approach.

Online Individual sessions and Online Groups and Courses 

"Pink, The 3-Legged Dog Who Lost Her Leg and Found Her Courage" an inspirational children's book.

Although Pink, for 14 years, was Nancy's 24/7 no microwave HOT service dog, Pink became disabled herself at the age of one. 

This book is the amazing true story of Pink's leg injury which resulted in her back leg amputation. 

Pink was so courageous in dealing with her own disability, she modeled and mentored Nancy to transform her own chronic illness/disability, teaching Nancy to have hope, to never give up, and to learn how to "just do it differently". 

This book offers that same hope and inspiration to anyone with a challenge. 

Especially helpful for Wounded Warriors and any parent with an unexpected disability to read to their children

~Beautiful original watercolor illustrations by Michael LeBold.

The 24/7 NO Microwave HOT Dog Neck Wrap: The First Service Dog Breed for Chronic Pain Relief

"When I stumbled upon a rare breed of dog, the Xoloitzcuintli (Shoo-low-eats-quint-lee, commonly known as Mexican Hairless or Xolo), I knew I had found my answer to natural pain relief." Click here to learn more.


"This book 'From Hurting to Healing Chronic Illness and Disability: 7 Powerful Practices to Manage Your Mind and Heal Your Heart' draws on multiple accessible, proven and risk-free tools to help patients heal. It empowers patients without 'talking down' to them. I advise it to anyone with a chronic condition or illness."
Heidi Meyer M.D., Kaiser Hospital, San Diego, CA

“This is a wonderful story [Pink, The 3 Legged Dog] about a courageous and inspiring dog. Pink has a terrible tragedy that she turns into an empowering experience. I would love to read this to my first-grade students. I believe they would fall in love with Pink, and be so touched by her tragedy and her bravery to not give up when challenged to do things differently. I could guide them in truly understanding hope, determination, imagination and fearlessness in problem solving. With beautiful illustrations, a must read for all children.”
-- Kathy Ryan, NBCT Educator, San Diego City Schools

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