Dr. Emmett Miller interview on his radio program, "Conversations With Extraordinary People."

I am so honored to be interviewed by Dr. Emmett Miller on his radio show, "Conversations With Extraordinary People". Dr. Miller is one of the "movers and shakers" in the field of mind, body, spirit healing and transformation. *

In this interview, I share my journey through chronic illness which derailed my life purpose and joy as a psychotherapist. Learn how I discovered, through my two rare breed, hairless Xolo service dogs Toaster and Pink, the "7 Steps of Hope and Healing" necessary to return to my life purpose and transform my life as well as others'.

*Dr. Miller is a renowned pioneer in the Mind/Body/Spirit holistic medical field. His powerful meditations are a staple in my tool kit.  

Interview link: http://www.drmiller.com/gordon