Transform Loss into Love and Grief into Growth: Individual and Group Services for both Human and Pet Loss

After the loss of both my dogs, within 9 months of each other, my passionate mission unfolded clearly and quickly: to help others face loss and transform grief into an experience which helps you grow as a result of that relationships and how you experience loss.


Transformative grief empowers us to live more fully and love more deeply because there is no greater power than love, and love can only be experienced with an open heart. 

I first identified these 7 Powerful Practices through my own journey of chronic illness and disability and all the loss which accompanies a condition that derails your life.    

But when I had to face the challenge of another devastating loss… when I had to lift up, as I call it, both my service dogs within 9 months of each other, my heart was so broken I couldn’t imagine my life without them, and for a long time, I couldn’t imagine getting another dog either.

I know first-hand the depth of the human/animal bond and the grief we experience when we lose that bond.

I know on a gut level, how devastating it can be as we face that life defining moment when they are lifted up and we experience the breaking of that bond in the physical realm.

The grief that follows is often hard to bear, it’s like losing a child. Well, actually, for most of us, they ARE our children in all ways except the body. For many pet owners they experience the relationship with their pet as a pet "parent".  This, however, is not always understood or valued by others, especially those who do not like or never had a pet.

I offer a complimentary consultation, so we can begin that healing process and determine in what ways I can assist you on this gut wrenching, heart breaking journey of facing and experiencing the loss of your beloved 4 legged baby.