Pink's story is true and it will touch your heart and inspire your soul no matter what your age is. Parents who are Wounded Warriors or who have suffered a trauma can read this book to their children as a powerful segway into a conversation within the whole family about how everyone is affected and dealing with an unexpected loss of functioning. That's what Ben did; his family testimony is below.


Ben Holmes (37 yrs old) A courageous Wounded Warrior

“As an amputee, Pink’s story offered a unique way for me to talk to my children about some of the challenges I face.”


Ben's son Chase (9 yrs old)

“Pinks story was awesome because she’s just like my dad.”

Ben's daughter Ashley (12 yrs old)

“Watching Pink play helped me realize that if such a small dog could overcome challenges, then I could too.”

Kathy Ryan, NBCT Educator, San Diego City Schools 

"This is a wonderful story about a courageous and inspiring dog. I believe they would fall in love with Pink, and be so touched by her tragedy and her bravery not to give up when challenged to do things differently. I could guide them in truly understanding hope, determination, imagination and fearlessness in problem solving. With beautiful illustrations, a must read for all children"

Ann Diener, Owner of The Yellow Book Road, a children's book store.

"Learning to do things differently" is Pink's motto while living with an unexpected disability. Children facing adversity need to understand the emotions, trials and challenges of one facing hardship. Pink is a fine example of expressing a positive attitude and learning to achieve goals despite physical limitations. There are few children's books that address this topic in such a gentle and encouraging way."