Have you ever heard of a dog masquerading as a heating pad?

The ancient breed Xoloitzcuintli has a 3500-year history of doing just that in the Ancient Aztec cultures. When I learned of this, I traded in my 24/7 microwave neck wrap for a toy sized Xolo, put her around my neck where I have chronic pain from fibromyalgia, and named her Toaster. Now I have a 24/7 NO microwave HOT DOG!

In 2009, Toaster had a sudden onset of severe back pain and ended up in the ER. This was the first time she ever had this problem. After the ER, we went to the vet for a check up a few days later. Toaster was a bit less flared up, so we were advised to apply heat to Toaster’s back. Upon coming home, Toaster went directly to the couch in this photo. I placed a blanket on top of her and went to heat a wet towel in the microwave to place on her back.

Of course, Pink, Toaster’s hairless daughter, intuitively knew how she could help Toaster. It’s in her DNA! Before I could get the towel out of the microwave, I found Pink sitting right on Toaster’s back exactly where her pain was diagnosed! I have NEVER seen Pink do this before or since, even when Toaster has had this blanket on her at other times. None of this was initiated, commanded, nor choreographed by me! 

I swear! I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s a true story of the healing power of Xolos.

Pink actually put her paw around Toaster’s neck, as you can see in the photo. I was so moved by Pink. And so was Toaster. It was so touching to watch Pink offer Toaster herself as the BEST heating pad she could have, complete with love as well as heat.

It shouldn’t surprise me, given the Xolo’s history and my own experience with the intuitive heat therapy my dogs lovingly provide for me, but there it was even animal to animal. Instinctively and with her whole heart, Pink intended to ease Toaster’s pain. What an amazing dog Pink is...and what a powerful testimony of the healing power of Xolos.

Now Toaster’s best and favorite treatment modality for her chronic pain is Pink in action. It is amazing to witness Pink’s intent to help Toaster in the very ancient Xoloitzcuintli way.

My only question is... do I have to share Pink with Toaster now?