Solutions4Life & Speakers Circuit: A Global Resource Radio Show interviews Nancy Gordon about her Xolos and the 7 Steps of Hope and Healing 

At the heart of sharing one’s stories about one's triumphs is the reminder of the power of reclaiming HOPE.  Hope transforms us. It changes our whole life experience, and HOPEFULLY, that of others’.

After letting both Toaster and Pink go within 9 months of each other, I had many moments of losing hope; I missed them so much, I felt little hope that my life would ever be the same. Grief can do that to you. But, after a long time, I did find a way to that hope. 

So important is hope, that in my book, 7 Steps of Hope and Healing, I added HOPE to the last stage of the well-known stages of grief (denial, anger, depression, bargaining, acceptance).

As part of my series of articles on "Making the Difficult Decision to "Lift Up" Your Pet, and Healing the Grief That Follows" I want to inspire HOPE by sharing this interview about my healing journey with Toaster and Pink on Katherine Gerardi's radio show, "PowerHalfHour".  Click this link to interview!

Listen  here  to how I went from being a high functioning professional psychotherapist in private practice to closing my practice to go on disability... then, rose up like a phoenix from the ashes, not only to transform my own challenges into triumphs, but to return to a career of service again.  

What are your stories of triumph? I invite you to share yours with me. There is a comment section on the blog page for every article.